On top of the coaching I gave everyday as part of my LEAN, Design Thinking and Agile coach roles, I:

I facilitated coaching campaigns
  • I created training material and training campains for managers and employees

  • I ran train-the-trainer sessions for future trainers of this program

  • I delivered awareness and fundamentals sessions to managers and employees

  • I delivered internediate coaching sessions to motivated employees and managers

  • I facilitated exercise sessions for all to practice coaching and feedback in safe environments

I created and led a coaching community
  • With 40 members in Swiss Lemanic area, with the objective to improve the member’s experience in coaching

  • I built events agenda and tracking tool to track in detail the members’ progress

  • Each coaching session was observed by at least one experienced coach and debriefed afterwards

  • More than 100 hours of coaching delivered in one year