Starting a business transformation with a Design Thinking coach will give you a customer centric product, service or organization


My achievements:

-Created an agile Global IT organization

Business transformation to provide competitive services, with a 10% budget reduction objective 

  • I designed and led the kick off workshop where the new IT strategy was agreed

  • I supervised the creation and usage of a tool to gather global IT resourcing budgets

  • I tracked the delivery of local processes during workshop preparation

  • I synthesized all local resources and processes presentations into a global view

  • I facilitated the transformation workshop of 8 days during which I coached the attendance on the methodology and aligned with the other 12 facilitators on last minute adaptations


- Facilitated 3-day awareness workshops as mini-projects with real-life scenarios coming from the business in various functions: HR, IT, Architecture, Finance during which we created relevant personas and answered the initial challenge

- Coaching of various IT initiatives to conduct appropriate research, create relevant personas, create and validate user centric solutions 

-End-to-End enterprise processes’ transformation

Business transformation to create frictionless transversal processes with the objective to simplify, standardize and share processes and tools

  • High organizational sensitivity (60 to 80 senior market leaders)

  • All group functions involved (HR, Finance & Control, Marketing & Sales, operations, R&D, IT, Procurement, Supply Chain)

  • I prepared local teams to gather data with As-Is workshops and remote coaching

  • I tracked preparation deliverables

  • I facilitated 2 weeks workshops to align ambassadors, create visions and brainstorm on solutions to invent optimized and standardized processes