Optimize your processes with a LEAN Six Sigma expert to improve collaboration and achieve your business goals
My achievements:
In a 300 employees global IT department with the objective of cross-functional alignment on objectives, methodologies and tools
-LEAN Six Sigma methodology deployment

  • I improved collaboration between silo-ed departments inside IT: Infrastructure, Applications Design & Build, Operations, Network, Security, Collaboration tools, Service Management, Project Portfolio Management

  • I prepared training material, organized training campaigns, delivered trainings

  • I ran change management awareness campaigns and applied change management principles during projects

  • I audited regularly the different teams and provided improvement feedback

  • I coached the teams through the usage of the methodology and tools

  • I drove the autonomy of the teams so they could improve continuously on their own

-Cross functional collaboration improvement
  • I developed and maintained global tracking tools for deliverables, tasks, problem solving, with automated reporting for stakeholders and management

  • I steered towards alignment all departments in Global IT Technical Solutions on objectives, methodologies and tools, cascading and aligning 3-years strategy plans

-Problem-Solving (P.S.) maturity improvement
  • I optimized the department’s problem-solving process and aligned it with the other IT departments and Customer Care

  • I aligned all departments in Global IT Technical Solutions on P.S. objectives, methodologies and tools

  • I led an international community of P.S. specialists to coach by proxy in all remote teams and exchange on best practices and tools

  • I coached over 100 improvement initiatives in IT and e-commerce infrastructure, challenging and guiding action plans, improving the performance and reliability of solutions while maintaining or decreasing costs

  • I raised end-users satisfaction from 80% to 92%

  • I planned and facilitated workshops for IT improvements (processes, performance, capacity, operational costs, organization) leading to up to 1M chf savings per initiative