Yvonne Vrba

Charles showed great facilitator talents during major enterprise process renovation workshops, when he demonstrated his mastery of coaching groups and strong individuals. These workshops were the keystone in transforming the company end-to-end processes, for which 60 to 80 high level managers from all over the globe were gathered during two weeks.

Charles' flexibility and maturity with the tools (coaching, LEAN, Design Thinking and ad-hoc methodology) made his conduction firm yet open, stimulating individuals' creativity to innovate in a challenging situation.

By maintaining a challenging and pleasant work atmosphere, he was very successful in managing the working sessions time and deliverables. I really recommend Charles for his Lean Six Sigma and Design thinking knowledge as well as his coaching aptitudes.


I strongly believe he can foster efficient transformations and I wish him the very best in his future carreer.

Corporate Lean Design
Jean-Louis Poncin
ICT, application & eCommerce service manager

Charles coached our team to adopt LEAN principles and make continuous improvement projects.

For our mature teams, Charles drove mindset change and continuous improvement methods with very positive feedback from team leads worldwide. In the most challenging teams, Charles demonstrated a lot of passion to steer the teams towards the new ways of working and methodology.


His interpersonal relationship capacities and high level of coaching alleviated a lot of resistance. Charles demonstrated a huge flexibility by participating to many initiatives outside of our department. He demonstrated strongly his ability to drive global workshops and the feedback from the participants was very positive.


He is a strong asset for our team and we count on him for the implementation of the new organization. Charles is always looking for new opportunities to improve performance and help people, he found definitively his way in the LEAN area.


I would like to thank Charles for all of his involvement during the last 3 years when I was his manager and I rely on him to help me again, in my new challenging area, for our futures challenges. In summary, the value added by Charles for my unit was exceptional and an acceleration in the progess of my team in their lean six sigma journey.

Stephane Kleinheny

Charles embodies the coaching mindset and inspires the teams, who rely on him for anything related to LEAN.

Charles has been a force of proposal and motivated change agent in our department, on the various aspects of our work where he was involved.

He made connections between areas and teams to improve the performance and leverage opportunities, focusing on improvement and progress. He always made sure his work could benefit the greater audience, sharing his results and ideas, making them available for the other departments and making himself available too so they could apply the concepts and tools.


He showed consistency in all his endeavors and followed through his projects with extreme reliability.

IT lead, coach
Jacques Reynaud

Charles is an engaged and trustworthy employee who always keeps a positive attitude. He is a fast learner and does not hesitate to challenge himself.

Thanks to his bold initiative, we were able to re-take the control on one of our critical applications that was decaying rapidly.


As soon as he was in charge of LEAN in the team, his coaching pulled the team towards LEAN practices with impressive results. He over-achieved on many objectives and successfully drove the team to a great maturity resulting in much improved ways of working and a successful LEAN assessment.

IT Team Lead